How to donate back 20% of sales to American Ex-Prisoners Of War

During October, November and December, supporters and members of American Ex-Prisoners Of War are invited to host fundraising dinners at local Bakersfield restaurants.

Restaurants like California Pizza Kitchen and 1933, will donate back 20% of sales to American Ex-Prisoners Of War. You can choose up to 3 dates but as the GroupRaise community near American Ex-Prisoners Of War keeps growing, these dates will go quickly.

To book an event simply, view restaurant locations, choose your fundraiser dates, and make a request online. It only takes a few minutes!

View Restaurants Giving Back To American Ex-Prisoners Of War

A restaurant fundraiser is an awesome way to raise money for American Ex-Prisoners Of War and get together with your members and supporters to show appreciation for all the work you’ve done.

GroupRaise hopes these opportunities can be of use to American Ex-Prisoners Of War!

Please note to search in your local area, try inputting your ZIPCode

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