Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. It was the second of the Indochina Wars and was officially fought between North Vietnam and the government of South Vietnam. The North Vietnamese army was supported by the Soviet Union, China and other communist allies and the South Vietnamese army was supported by the United States, South Korea, Australia, Thailand and other anti-communist allies and the war is therefore considered a Cold War-era proxy war.

Vietnam War Time Period: 1 November 1955 – 30 April 1975 (19 years, 5 months, 4 weeks and 1 day)

Vietnam War Locations: South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos

File: Indiana Rangers: The Army Guard in Vietnam – South Vietnam, 1969

On May 13, 1968, 12234 Army National Guardsmen in 20 units from 17 states were mobilized for service during the Vietnam War. Eight units deployed to Vietnam and over 7,000 Army Guardsmen served in the war zone. Company D (Ranger), 151st Infanry, Indiana Army National Guard arrived in December 1968. As part of the II Field Force, the Indiana Rangers were assigned reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering missions. Operating deep in enemy territory, Ranger patrols engaged enemy units while conducting raids, ambushes and surveillance missions. “Delta Company” achieved an impressive combat record during its tour in Vietnam; unit members were awarded 510 medals for valor and service. The gallant record of Company D, 151st Infantry symbolized the Army National Guard’s performance in Vietnam.

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The Vietnam War Period’s Veteran’s Organizations

AVSOPS : Organization Indexing Que
Air Force Sergeants Association
Airborne Static Line
National Alliance of Women Veterans Incorporated
American Military Retiree’s Association
National Association for Black Veterans, Inc.
National Association for Uniformed Services
National League of Families of American Prisoners Missing in Southeast Asia
National Military Family Association
Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association
Society of Military Widows
Special Forces Association
Swords to Plowshares: Veterans Rights Organization
Naval Services FamilyLine
United States Army Ranger Association
United States Army Warrant Officers Association
Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.
Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
Vietnam Veterans Institute
Vietnam Veterans of America
WAVES National
National Veterans Legal Services Program, Inc.
National Association of County Veterans Service Officers, Inc.
The Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States
National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates
Air Commando Association
American Military Retirees Association
Armed Services Mutual Benefit Association
Army Nurse Corps Association
Army Transportation Association Vietnam
Coast Guard Foundation
Marine Corps Intelligence Association
Military Police – Sentry Dogs Alumni
National Military Intelligence Association
National Naval Officers Association
Naval Submarine League
U.S. Navy Public Affairs Alumni Association
The Enlisted Association of the National Guard
The Foreign Joint Services NCO’s Association
The Logistics Officer Association
USS NIMITZ Association
Women Officers Professional Association
National Veterans Foundation

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The Vietnam War Battles and Operations Map(s)

PLEASE EMAIL the Creator of the Vietnam War Battle map here:

Daniel’s Message is as follows: I want you to be able to add YOU or your BASE location and pictures and Stories and tributes to your brothers and sisters, soldiers and families, all I WILL ADD YOUR STAR on here

THIS IS FOR YOU WHO SERVED Vietnam War 1963 to 1975 and it is growing every day (I have just been given 266 pages of research and bases events and major battle locations)
Please scroll to the bottom of the LIST IN THE Table of CONTENTS as there are 3 pages of BASES and POINTS OF MAJOR BATTLES

IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS and DONE AS A LABOR OF LOVE …..and gratitude ……for you all

THIS IS YOUR WALL map… will progress into a STORY MAP for and by those who fought in it

I AM HONORED for any and all who would witness what we ask of you …..YOU who would STEP FORWARD

send me an email and lets put your story or photos and info or links on here ….this is for you guys and gals


Thank you Dan Betts for this map: the Creator of the War Battle map can be e-mailed here:
Dan Bett’s (GIS….. and working in Enterprise Geospatial and Remote Sensing Technologies and Solutions. Integration, Implementation, Design, Architecture and in Mobile and UAV applications) work can be found here: Betts Geospatial Corporation

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Vietnam War Memorial

5 Henry Bacon Dr NW, Washington, DC 20245

In Accordance With Public Law 110-181 SEC.598; the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act authorized the Secretary of Defense to conduct a program to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War and “in conducting the commemorative program, the Secretary shall coordinate, support, and facilitate other programs and activities of the Federal Government, State and local governments, and other persons and organizations in commemoration of the Vietnam War.”

The Secretary of Defense shall determine the schedule of major events and priority of efforts for the commemorative program, in order to ensure achievement of the objectives specified in Law.

The commemorative program will include activities and ceremonies to achieve the following objectives:

To thank and honor veterans of the Vietnam War, including personnel who were held as prisoners of war (POW), or listed as missing in action (MIA), for their service and sacrifice on behalf of the United States and to thank and honor the families of these veterans.
To highlight the service of the Armed Forces during the Vietnam War and the contributions of Federal agencies and governmental and non-governmental organizations that served with, or in support of, the Armed Forces.
To pay tribute to the contributions made on the home front by the people of the United States during the Vietnam War.
To highlight the advances in technology, science, and medicine related to military research conducted during the Vietnam War.
To recognize the contributions and sacrifices made by the allies of the United States during the Vietnam War.

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